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Induction Loop

Our team have many years experience in the design and installation of induction loops and this knowledge is available for you to call on.

Induction Loops

Installation and Service

We can also provide a full or part installation service, as well as service and maintenance. Please ask for details.

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Induction is the specialist induction loop and hearing assistance site of Expression Media Limited
Induction loop systems are used to assist the hearing impaired by transmitting sound from a sound system, microphone, television or other source, directly to a hearing aid equipped with a telecoil or 'T' position

They are available in many different formats - Portable for one-to-one or small group use or fixed systems which may typically be counter, perimeter or low spill systems.

We are able to provide outstanding technical support and information to enable you to carry out all stages of your project, from initial design to completed installation, secure in the knowledge that you have the support of industry professionals and experienced installation engineers.

Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss your requirements.
Telephone : 01457 899100.

Installation & Service

Expression Media Professional AV services
Expression Media Limited is a specialist installation company providing nationwide design and installation services for all types of AV systems.

Online Sales - Expression AV

Our online store has many hearing assistance products and systems and can supply everything from a clip through to a complete system.

Church sound, loop and video

Churches are a market like no other. They way they use their systems and the equipment needed, along with challenging building designs and often less-than-ideal acoustic spaces requires a specialist company to ensure results which are effective, but not intrusive.

Whatever your hearing assistance needs, we are happy to chat and provide assistance to ensure you end up with the right solution for you.